Frequently Asked Questions


Preceding Years’ Applicants

  1. What do you mean by "Preceding Years’ Applicants"?
    Preceding Years’ applicants are applicants belonging to the following categories:
    1. Past years applicants
    2. 2014 Applicants who are unsuccessful

      Exceptions are applicants in the following categories:
    3. 2014 Race Officials who participated in the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix
  1. I was a Race Official in 2014. Do I need to submit a new registration via the portal?
    No, if you were a 2014 Race Official and have participated in the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix, you are not required to register again. Instead you need to log in with your identification number and password and indicate your interest for the 2015 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX. More details with regards to the registration will be disseminated via email. 
  1. Help! I was a 2014 Race Official and I have forgotten my password!
    2014 Race Officials who have forgotten their password can follow the “Retrieve Password” link in the Race Officials Login box to retrieve their password.
  1. I was selected as a Race Official in 2008 but did not volunteer for 2010 and 2011. Do I need to register at the portal?
    Yes, if you were a Race Official in the preceding years, but did not volunteer for the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix, you will need to register at the portal again as the database only consists of 2014 Race Officials who have officiated at the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix.
  1. I was selected as a Trainee Race Officials in 2014 but have withdrawn from 2014 Singapore Grand Prix. Can I login into indicate my interest?
    No, you will be required to register as a new applicant under the "Registration” tab. As you have withdrawn and did not participate in the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix, your application will be considered as new.

2014 Race Officials

  1. I was selected as a Race Official in 2014. Why was I not selected for 2015?
    All Race Officials who have officiated in the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix underwent an assessment by the SGP Senior Race Officials, the Event Organiser, and the Administrator. A Race Official’s skills, experience, aptitude and capability are therefore carefully scrutinized and the selection of the 2015 Race Officials is based on the results of this assessment.
  1. Why was I not allocated the same role that I performed in 2014?
    Every role is important and critical to the success of the Formula One operations. Allocation of positions or roles for the Race Officials are determined by a number of factors like relevant skills, experiences, aptitude, availability of vacancies, new regulations that may affect the deployment matrix, and personal preferences. Based on the above considerations, a role is assigned to the official who is deemed to be able to contribute the most in that capacity.
  1. Will I be in the same team and sector that I was with in 2014?
    There is the possibility that you may not be in the same team and/or sector that you were with in 2014. Whilst the organizers will do as much as possible to keep the teams together, there may be a re-structuring to the 2015 teams as each sector may require a different combination of roles and numbers. Officials who have shown to possess aptitude for higher responsibility may be posted to other sectors or posts to take up leadership positions.
  1. Do I still need to attend the training sessions if I was a Race Official in 2014?
    Yes. Training sessions will be tailored for both new and returning Race Officials, hence 2014 Race Officials will still be required to attend all training sessions.
  1. I was a volunteer for 2014. Why didn’t I get a Certificate of Appreciation?
    It is a requirement that the Certificate of Appreciation will only be issued to a Race Official who has attended all 3 days (from the 18th to 21st September 2014) of the Event.



 Registration and Recruitment

  1. What is a Race Official?
    A Race Official is a volunteer that is recruited, trained and deployed at a motorsport racing event to ensure the smooth execution of race operations.
  1. What is the difference between a Senior Race Official and a Race Official?
    A Senior Race Official is placed in a leadership position to guide and supervise Race Officials under his or her charge in a given sector or office, and is held accountable for the success of his sector or office. A Senior Race Official is also required to significantly put in more time towards training and managing his or her team.
  1. Who can become a Race Official?
    Anyone who is physically and medically fit, passionate about volunteering your services in exchange for a unique experience, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm for motorsports including Formula One.
  1. I will turn 18 years old before September 2015. Am I still eligible as a trainee Race Official?
    No, you will need to be 18 years of age as of 1st January 2015.
  1. I will be 21 years old by September 2015. Do I still need to submit the parental consent form?
    Yes, Race Officials who have not reached 21 years of age as at 1st January 2015 will be required to submit the “Under-21 Indemnity Form” with your parents’ or guardian’s approval and signature. Failure to do so may lead to the refusal of entry (to the circuit) by the Event Organizer. This is primarily due to the need to insure all race officials even during the training phase prior to the Event itself.
  1. I have already registered as a Race Official for 2015. When will I be informed that I have been successful?
    Registration for the position of Race Officials will close on 30th March 2015. Thereafter, the process of short-listing will begin and successful registrants will be notified via email by the 30th April 2015.
  1. I was a Race Official in 2014 and am now short-listed as a Senior Official for 2015. What’s next for me?
    Officials earmarked for progression to Senior Official should have received an email notification with a write-up form attached. Officials who are keen will need to fill in this form to provide a short write-up on their 2014 experience, and also their motor sports and volunteering experience. Short-listed candidates will then be interviewed by a panel consisting of representatives from the Event Organisers, the Administrator, and key appointment holders of the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix.  Successful candidates will be notified two weeks after the interview process.

    Unsuccessful candidates will still need to log into ROMS to indicate their interest to return for the 2015 Event.
  1. I want to be a Senior Official for 2015. How do I apply?
    Unfortunately Race Officials is unable to apply for Senior Officials position via the portal. Application is strictly by invitation only. Selection of Senior Officials are based on fulfilling all training criteria, attendance during the race week in 2014, positive assessment of your performance and aptitude, and recommendation by your respective Senior Officials who have assessed you in 2014. Criteria for a Senior Race Official include leadership and command skills, teamwork, positive attitude, volunteering experiences in motorsports and other events.
  1. How many trainee Race Officials will be selected for 2015?
    Approximately 200 trainee Race Officials will be selected for the 2015 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX to augment the returning pool of officials and to replace the outgoing ones, however this number will be determined by the retention rate of the returning officials.



Event Week Related

  1. I need to plan and apply leave for the event. How many days should I apply?
    All our trainings have been scheduled to take place on weekends. Race Officials must also be available on race week from 17th to 20th September 2015 (Thursday to Sunday).

    Race Officials may refer to the training calendar for more details on the training dates. Race Officials will also be notified on any changes in the training calendar via email and through this website. It is therefore important for Race Officials to regularly check the website for updates and news.
  1. I might not be able to make it for all 4 Event Days. Will I be able to volunteer?
    The Event Organizer has stipulated that all Race Officials must be present for the scheduled training sessions and all 4 Event Days. Safety and adequacy of skills and experience is the primary concern. Failure to be present at all 4 event days may lead to refusal of entry by the Event Organizer. If there is the possibility that you may not be available for all 4 days, it would be good to let others who can commit the time to have the opportunity to experience volunteering for the Event.
  1. I just found out that I would be on National Service during the Event Days. Can the organizers help me with my deferment?
    An appointment email will be sent to all successful applicants as proof of your participation in the Event. However, Race Officials are strongly encouraged to attend to their National Service duties.


Training Related

  1. Am I required to attend all the training sessions?
    Race Officials are required to attend all allocated trainings. Attendance is compulsory as important information will be given out during these sessions. More details of the type of training for each category of Race Officials will be made available on the webpage.
  1. Motor sport is just like any other sport. Why do I need to attend so many days of training?
    Motor Sport is a highly specialized sport where the safety of the drivers, spectators and officials depend strongly on the ability of the Race Officials to perform their specialized roles. Functions like giving flag signals, recovering crashed or stalled vehicles, clearing the track to allow the race to continue, scrutinizing the technical compliance of each vehicle, all these require special training.
  1. I am an international volunteer without accreditation. Do I need to attend the training sessions?
    Yes, as an international volunteer without accreditation from your national motorsport association, you will have to undergo all trainings too.
  1. I am an accredited International Race Official. Do I need to attend the training sessions?
    Accredited International Race Officials are not required to attend the training sessions. However, please remember to send in your ASN-endorsed accreditation to race-officials@singaporegp.sg. Failure to do so by the first scheduled training module may result in automatic withdrawal from the event.
  1. I am a Muslim. I am concerned, as some of the training sessions will be held during the month of Ramadan. Will the training be too strenuous and can I be exempted?
    The needs of the Muslim volunteers will be attended to during the training sessions as well as the Event itself. Exemption from training is discouraged, as the adequacy of training and thus safety of your team would be compromised.
  1. I have been short-listed as a Fire Marshal, but I do not have any experience. Will training be provided for me?
    Yes, training will be provided for all Race Officials, including short-listed Fire Marshals. Please click here to retrieve the training calendar.
  1. I would not be able to make it for one of the training sessions; can I request to attend another training session?
    Race Officials are strongly encouraged to attend their allocated training session. However, should you need to attend another training session, please write in stating your reason to race-officials@singaporegp.sg

    Race Officials are required to write in at least 1 week before the scheduled training session. Make-up or re-assignment to another training session will be decided on case-by-case basis.
  1. I do not know if I will be appointed as Manitou Operator or Fire Marshal. Do I need to keep my schedule free for the Manitou Operator Course and Fire Marshal Module?
    The Fire & Rescue Practical Session is targeted at Race Officials who are appointed as Fire Marshals but do not possess a Fire Certification. Only Race Officials who have registered their interest to be a Fire Marshal may be appointed as one.

    The Manitou Operator Module is targeted at Race Officials who are appointed as Manitou Operators only. Criteria to be appointed as a Manitou Operators includes recommendation by Senior Officials, possess a valid Class 3 license, and have previous experience as a Recovery Marshal or Track Marshal during the preceding Singapore Grands Prix.
  1. Is the training session confirmed? I need to know the training dates to plan my schedule.
    The training calendar has been posted on the portal prior to the launch of recruitment. Officials are advised to keep their schedule free according to the trainings they are required to attend. As much as possible, we will not make any changes to the training dates.  If there is a need to make any changes, please be assured that ample notice will be given.
  1. I understand from the training calendar that training details like venue and time will be released when nearer to training date, but exactly when can I expect to get this information?
    Training details like venues and timing will be released at least two weeks before the training. Race Officials who are required to attend the training session will receive a notification email from us when the training details are posted. Announcement will also be posted on the portal. Race Officials are encouraged to check their emails and the portal regularly for updates.

    Race Officials are also expected to login to the portal to select their preferred timeslot when the training details are posted.
  1. How do I go about selecting my preferred timeslot for each training session?
    From 2010, we have introduced a new method to collate the Race Officials’ responses for each training session. Race Officials are expected to login into the portal to acknowledge the training session by selecting their preferred timeslot before the stipulated closing date.

    Please note that timeslots are on first-come first-served basis. To avoid any disappointment, Race Officials are encouraged to login as early as possible to indicate their preference. Do note that we reserved the rights to reallocate you to another timeslot should we received low responses for a particular timeslot.

    Please note that THE CHOSEN TIMESLOT MAY NOT BE FINAL ALLOCATED TIMESLOT. Please be assured that we will notify you in advance on the changes.

    Please click here to download the step-by-step guide to respond for a training session.
  1. What should I do if I have missed the deadline to respond to the training session?
    Officials are still expected to attend the training even though you have missed the deadline to respond and we will allocate any timeslots that is available to you. We will notify you through email which timeslot are being allocated to you.
  1. When will I know if the timeslot that I have selected is confirmed, and when will I know the seminar room?
    Upon closing of responses, we will start to consolidate the responses and 3 days before the training we will send you the confirmation with the seminar room number (applicable for theory class only).




  1. Is there insurance coverage?
    Yes, insurance coverage will be provided for all Race Officials. Therefore, it is important that attendance is taken during signing-in during each morning of Event Days.
  1. Will I be paid for my time and service?
    Whilst the volunteers will not be rewarded in monetary terms, other benefits like bum bags, exclusive event tees, and meals will be provided for. You will be part of an exclusive group of Race Officials marshalling for this world-class event, and you’ll get a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience that only a handful can get!
  1. What items can I expect to receive from volunteering as a Race Official?
    As a Race Official, you can expect to receive items like exclusive, Event Cap, Event T-shirt, and a bum bag consisting of earplugs, safety glasses, and safety gloves. Meals will also be provided on Event Days.
  1. Will I be issued with personal protective equipment?
    Yes, personal protective equipment will be issued. Overalls, gloves, earplugs and safety glasses will be issued to all trackside Race Officials. Due to the nature of their work, Fire and Medical personnel will be issued with Nomex suits.
  1. Will I get any form of accreditation?
    All training and event records will be available online. More details will be released to successful applicants.
  1. Will transport and parking be provided during the Event Days?
    Due to the constraints and nature of a street circuit, transport and parking will not be provided on Event Days. Race Officials are advised to use public transport.
  1. I am a vegetarian. Will meals be catered for me?
    Yes, vegetarian meals will be catered during trainings (as tea breaks) and during the Event Days. Do remember to select “Vegetarian” under the Food Requirement tabs during registration.

    All food catered are HALAL-certified.
  1. Will accommodation and air tickets be provided for international volunteers?
    All volunteers render their service at their own expenses in exchange for the unique experience of being involved in the event. Accommodation and air tickets are therefore not provided for international volunteers and accredited International Race Officials.


Roles Allocation

  1. When will I know my allocated role and sector?
    Race officials can expect to hear from us on their allocated roles before the first Specialist Training (held in end July), and the Sector allocation will be released by end July too.  You will receive an email notification when the role and sector allocation is announced. We will also publish an announcement on the portal.
  1. Can I change my allocated role?
    Allocation of positions or roles for the Race Officials are determined by a number of factors like relevant skills, experiences, aptitude, availability of vacancies, new regulations that may affect the deployment matrix, and personal preferences. Based on the above consideration, a role is assigned to the Race Official who is deemed to be able to contribute the most in that capacity. Requests to change allocated role will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  1. I have received my allocated role, but I want to request for a role that states "By Appointment Only".
    Roles that state "By Appointment Only" are roles appointed by the Event Organiser and the Administrator. Unfortunately, we are unable to entertain requests for these roles.




  1. Based on the uniform chart, I am unable to find a size that fit me, what should I do?
    Race Officials should choose the size that would best fit your chest and stomach measurements. For Race Officials who require a larger size than those available on the chart, they can write in to race-officials@singaporegp.sg. However do note that requests for tailor-fit or alteration to the sizes available on the chart for the pursuit of better aesthetics will not be entertained.
  1. I have recently changed residence, and would need to update my mailing address. How do I go about doing this?
    Registration for the position of Race Officials commences on 23rd February 2015 and will close on 30th March 2015; you will be able to update your new address during the registration. Should you need to update your personal details during the registration period, please write in via email to race-officials@singaporegp.sg stating your full name, identification number, new mailing address and effective date.

    Upon short-listing, successful Race Officials will be provided with a Log-in ID and Password, and you will then be able to log in to ROMS to make the necessary changes to your personal profile.
  1. I was successful in my registration, but will need to withdraw due to other commitments. How do I go about this?
    Short-listed Race Officials must write in via email stating your full name, identification number and reasons for withdrawal to race-officials@singaporegp.sg. Race Officials who have decided to withdraw should write in as soon as reasonably possible so as to allow others to be redeployed to fill up your position.



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