• Registration and Recruitment
    • Who can become a Race Official?

      Anyone who is physically and medically fit, passionate about volunteering your services in exchange for a unique experience, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm for motorsports including FORMULA 1

    • How can I become a Race Official?

      Interested applicants may submit their application via our Registration page. At the moment, we have not started our recruitment exercise for 2024, but we are targeting to open it sometimes in Mar 2024.

    • What is the minimum age to be a Race Official?

      Applicants need to be at least 18 years old as at 1st January 2024 before they can submit an application.

      Short-listed officials who have not reached 21 years of age as at 1st January 2024 will need to obtain your parents’ or guardian’s approval and submit the “Under-21 Indemnity” form prior the Event days. Failure to do so may lead to the refusal of entry (to the circuit) by the Event Organizer.

    •  Can I submit multiple applications to increase my chance to be shortlisted?

      Submitting multiple applications will NOT increase your chance to be shortlisted and applicants who submitted multiple applications will be rejected.

    • I have registered my interest to be a Race Official. When will I be informed of my application status?

      Applicants may expect to be notified of their application status via email by end-April 2024, as the selection process will only commence after the conclusion of the registration.

    • I have officiated in the previous editions of the Singapore Grand Prix and is interested to officiate in the 2024 Singapore Grand Prix. How do I go about registering?

      Preceding years’ race officials will need to submit a new application via our Registration page, as our current database will only include officials who have officiated at the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix. Do remember to state in the registration form that you were a race official previously and we will verify the information accordingly.

  • Overseas Accredited Officials
    • I am an overseas accredited official and is interested to officiate in the 2024 Singapore Grand Prix. How do I go about registering?

      Overseas accredited official may register their interest via our Registration page. We do welcome overseas accredited officials to officiate at the Singapore Grand Prix, however, we do have limited vacancy and may not be able to accommodate all request.

    • Will accommodation and air tickets be provided for overseas-based officials?

      All volunteers render their service at their own expenses in exchange for the unique experience of being involved in the event. Accommodation and air tickets are therefore not provided for overseas officials.

    • I am holding a valid officiating license issued by another ASN, do I need to attend any training by Singapore Grand Prix?
      No, overseas accredited officials are not required to attend any training by Singapore Grand Prix, however, you are required to submit the soft copy of the following documents upon receipt of the provisional acceptance,
      • Valid officiating license
      • No-objection letter issued by your ASN

      Overseas accredited officials who do not submit the documents by the deadline will be removed from the provisional list.

    • There are some air ticket/accommodation promotions and I would like to book them in advance. Can I go ahead to make the arrangement without receiving the formal acceptance from Singapore Grand Prix?

      We will strongly advise applicants NOT to book their travel arrangement without receiving the formal acceptance from us. As all applicants will need to go through the selection process and not everyone will be guaranteed a position due to the limited vacancy.

  • Event Week Related
    • I need to plan and apply leave for the event. How many days should I apply?

      This will largely depend on individual preference based on the reporting time. Normally the reporting time on Thursday (19 Sep) is around 4 pm and 12 noon for the remaining 3 days (20- 22 Sep).

    • I might not be able to make it for all 4 Event Days. Will I still be able to volunteer?

      The Event Organizer has stipulated that all Race Officials must be present for the scheduled training sessions and all 4 Event Days. Safety and adequacy of skills and experience is the primary concern. Failure to be present at all 4 event days may lead to refusal of entry by the Event Organizer. If there is the possibility that you may not be available for all 4 days, it would be good to let others who can commit the time to have the opportunity to experience volunteering for the Event.

    • My employer/school has requested for a proof of my participation in the event, how may I obtain it?

      An acceptance email will be sent to all successful applicants as proof of your participation in the Event. In the case that this is not sufficient, please send your request to race-officials@singaporegp.sg and we will send you an appointment email separately.

    • I was short-listed to be a Race Official, but will need to withdraw due to other commitments. How do I go about this?

      Short-listed Race Officials must write in via email stating your full name, identification number and reasons for withdrawal to race-officials@singaporegp.sg. Race Officials who have decided to withdraw should write in as soon as reasonably possible so as to allow others to be redeployed to fill up your position.

  • Training
    • Am I required to attend any training?

      All Race Officials regardless of new or returning officials are required to attend training. All training is mandatory, officials who do not meet the training requirement may be asked to withdraw from the event for their own safety.

      Race Officials may refer to the Training Calendar that we have posted here, the calendar has listed which training each group of officials need to attend.

    • Motor sport is just like any other sport. Why do I need to attend so many days of training?

      Motor Sport is a highly specialized sport where the safety of the drivers, spectators and officials depend strongly on the ability of the Race Officials to perform their specialized roles. Functions like giving flag signals, recovering crashed or stalled vehicles, clearing the track to allow the race to continue, scrutinizing the technical compliance of each vehicle, all these require special training.

    • I am short-listed as a Race Official but I am not based in Singapore. Can I be exempted from the training session?

      As we mentioned above Motor Sport is a highly specialized sport, all race officials will need to go through the mandatory training to perform their roles safely. Therefore we are unable to exempt race officials from training.

      The only exception is for overseas accredited officials who hold a valid officiating license issued by their local ASN, as mentioned in point 2c.

    • Are the training dates confirmed? I need to know the training dates to plan my schedule.

      It is unlikely that we will make any changes to the training dates unless there is an unforeseen circumstance. Officials may safely use the training calendar to plan their schedule. If there is a need to make any changes to the training dates, please be assured that ample notice will be given.

    • I am unable to attend one of the training, is there a make-up class or online material that I can self-read?

      Often than not, we do not conduct make-up class as our training calendar is fixed and there are no available dates to schedule a makeup class. We do not offer online material for self-reading as to ensure consistency in our teaching and a more comprehensive understanding of the modules.

    • I noted that details like training venue and time are not listed in the calendar, when can I expect to receive these information?

      Officials may expect to receive the training time about 2 weeks prior to the training, however, the exact detail of the training venue will only be released on the week of the training. Announcement will be posted on the portal and Race Officials are encouraged to check their emails and the portal regularly for updates.

  • Welfare
    • Is there insurance coverage for Race Officials?

      Yes, insurance coverage will be provided for all Race Officials during training and Event days. Therefore, it is important that Officials sign-in for training and Event days to confirm their presence.

    • Will I be paid for my time and service?

      Whilst the volunteers will not be rewarded in monetary terms, you will be part of an exclusive group of Race Officials marshalling for this world-class event, and you’ll get a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience that only a handful can get!

    • What are the items I can expect to receive from volunteering as a Race Official?

      As a Race Official, you can expect to receive exclusive Race Officials’ items like Event Cap, T-shirt, and a bum bag. Meals will also be provided on Event Days. Personal protective equipment like Overalls, gloves, earplugs and safety glasses will also be issued to all Race Officials.

    • Will transport and parking be provided during the Event Days?

      Due to the constraints and nature of a street circuit, transport and parking will not be provided on Event Days. The circuit is conveniently located in the heart of Marina Bay with numerous MRT stations around the circuit, hence it might be easier for officials to take public transport.

    • I am a vegetarian. Will meals be catered for me?

      Yes, vegetarian meals will be provided during the Event Days. Do remember to select “Vegetarian” under the Food Requirement tabs during registration.

      All food catered are Halal-certified.

  • Role Allocation
    • When will I know my exact allocated role and sector?

      Race officials may expect to hear from us on their allocated roles and sector before the Specialist Training. An email notification will be sent out when the role and sector allocation is announced.

    • Can I change my allocated role or sector?

      Unfortunately, we are unable to entertain any request to change role or sector, unless it is supported by a strong and valid reason. Allocation of roles for the Race Officials are determined by a number of factors like relevant skills, experiences, aptitude, availability of vacancies, new regulations that may affect the deployment matrix, and personal preferences.

      We will strictly not entertain any request for reallocation into the Pit Lane.

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