Conditions & Policies
Please note this document must be read and understood in full as the information contained herein details the conditions upon which registrants are short-listed / appointed as Race Officials and the important policies for all Race Officials to follow.

    • “Event Organiser” refers to the entity that organises the Event, its associated organisation and appointed agents.
    • “Administrator” refers to Singapore GP Pte Ltd.
    • “Race Official” refers collectively to the appointed Singapore GP Trainers, Singapore GP Senior Race Officials, and Singapore GP Race Officials.
    • Registrants need to:
      • Be at least 18 years of age as at 1st January 2023 (registrants below 21 require parental consent).
      • Have access to the Internet and a valid email address.
      • Be physically able and medically fit in order to perform his/her duties.
      • Be fluent in English (written & spoken).
      • Be able to commit to ALL scheduled training and briefing sessions.
      • Be able to commit to ALL 4 days of the Event (14th - 17th Sep 2023).
    • Registration for the position of Race Official will begin in March 2023.
    • Registrants must ensure that all information and details entered in the registration form are accurate as at the date of registration to the best of his / her knowledge.
    • Registrants are also required to have a valid email address, with which they must conduct regular checks for news and updates that will be communicated via email.
    • All registrants must be able to commit to the time schedules, both for training and actual event days, provided on the website. Note: Training and briefing dates and times provided on the website are tentative and are subject to change. Should there be any changes to the schedules, the website will be updated and Race Officials will be informed via email.
    • Any changes in your contact details should be communicated immediately to detailing the changes clearly and accurately.
    • Short-listed candidates will be notified via email by end-April 2023 as to the status of their applications. Each short-listed candidate shall reply formally whether he or she accepts or declines the invitation to be a Race Official via the online Race Officials’ portal. Failure to do so within one week from the dispatch of the email notification will be deemed as withdrawal from the FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX 2023.
    • Short-listed candidates who have not participated in the previous editions of the Singapore Grand Prix will be required to attend a General Officials Module, attendance is compulsory. A written test will be conducted at the end of the training and it is mandatory to pass this test in order to progress further in the training programme.
    • All shortlisted candidates will be issued with a User ID and Password to log into the Race Officials’ portal, where training updates and latest information will be posted.
    • All scheduled training and briefing sessions are mandatory for all Race Officials. Attendance will be taken and the Event Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry (to the circuit) to any Race Official who has not fulfilled ALL training and briefing attendance requirements or, in the opinion of the Administrator, is inadequately trained in his or her specified role.
    All Race Officials are required to act in accordance with, but not limited to, the following stipulations:
    • Race Officials shall report punctually for all scheduled training activities and on the Event Days.
    • Race Officials shall act in a professional manner during training and while on duty.
    • Race Officials shall not publicly behave, act or speak in such manner that is (or may be construed as) detrimental, prejudicial or offensive to the Event, the Event Organiser or its associated organisations and sponsors (and their agents and employees).
    • Race Officials shall not gamble or place any wager in relation to the Event or its outcome in whatever way and form.
    • Race Officials shall observe the appropriate dress code, cleanliness and appearance and, if required to wear, shall maintain in a clean and presentable condition the Event apparel or uniform issued by the Event Organiser (or its sponsors) in its entirety and without modification. Accreditation passes shall be worn and displayed at all times where applicable.
    • Race Officials recognise that the Event, by its very nature, carries a certain level of risks and dangers, and shall therefore exercise due care and caution at all times.
    • Race Officials shall comply with all rules and regulations governing the Event and all instructions from the Event Organiser and the Administrator (during non-Event days) or from the Race Control (during the Event days).
    • The Administrator in the allocation of positions may take personal preferences of Race Officials into consideration, among other factors like relevant skills, experience, aptitude and availability of vacancies. The discretion to allocate the suitable positions rests solely with the Event Organiser and the Administrator.
    • Race Officials are not to give media interviews, disclose any information nor make any comments to the media on behalf of the Company, without prior written approval from the Administrator.
    • Race Officials are to practice good online etiquette (social media platforms, online forums, etc), regardless of respective privacy settings. Officials are not to post confidential or proprietary information, pictures or footage pertaining to the Administrator, Event Organiser and Event without prior written approval from Singapore GP.
  • Welfare
    Each Race Official will receive (subject to confirmation):
    • Personal protection equipment - ear plugs, track gloves, safety glasses, exclusively designed Race Officials’ cap
    • Meals and Drinks on Event Days – comprising lunch, dinner and tea breaks (all meals where appropriate).
    • Insurance coverage (relevant details will be disclosed upon confirmation and, if any, renewal of appointment).
    The Event Organiser and the Administrator reserve the right to remove any Race Official from his/ her duties at any time due to, but not limited to, the following circumstances:
    • Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct as stated in Point 5.
    • Failure to disclose any prior medical or physical condition that may be considered by the Event Organiser and the Administrator to be inappropriate or likely to adversely affect the ability of the Race Official to perform his / her duties safely and competently.
    • Failure to submit indemnity form where relevant.
    • Failure to attend any scheduled training or any of the Event Days.
    • Dishonesty of any nature (including, but not limited to, provision of false information during registration).
    • Theft of any nature.
    • Misdemeanors or any other behavior deemed inappropriate by the Event Organiser, Administrator, Sponsors, or associated organisations.
    • Failure to abide by any pre-determined rules or regulation set in place by the Event Organizer and the Administrator.
    • The Event Organiser reserves the right to modify, make addition to, or amend the Conditions and Policies without notice. All decisions made by the Event Organiser and the Administrator shall be final.
    • The Event Organiser reserves the right to decide and amend all appointments for the Event at its sole discretion.
    • All materials provided to the Race Officials are protected by copyright. No part of the materials may be reproduced, distributed, republished, hyperlinked or transmitted in any manner or by any means without the prior written permission of the Event Organiser or Administrator.
    • Race Officials undertake not to divulge or communicate to any person or party any Confidential Information however acquired or received by them relating to the Event or the Event Organiser without the prior written permission of the Event Organiser. Race Officials shall not make use of the Confidential Information for any unauthorised purpose. “Confidential Information” means any document that is marked confidential or any communication that by the nature of its content is obviously confidential to a reasonable person.
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